• MassageCupping Massage Cupping™ an innovative way to achieve…
    lasting relaxation and rejuvenation.
  • MassageCupping Tension Headaches? Don't just take medicine to mask the pain.
    Neuromuscular Massage will make you headache free.
  • Accurate Assessment with Specific Othopedic Massage Rotatory Cuff Injury?  Frozen Shoulder?

    Frozen Shoulder?
    Rotator Cuff Injury?

    Accurate assessment with specific Orthopedic Massage leads to relief and mobility

  • A blend of Orthopedic and Lymphatic Massage... A blend of Orthopedic and Lymphatic Massage...
  • ...For sports injuries, sprains and strains. ...For sports injuries, sprains and strains.
  • Craniosacral Therapy Experience deep relaxation and balance with Craniosacral Therapy… a gentle way to relax.
  • Seniors Soar with Massage!! Seniors Soar with Massage!!
    • Feel Energized
    • Feel Happier
    • Move Easier
    • Feel cared for
  • Children Need Massage, too. Massage for Children
    • Decreases test anxiety.
    • Improves mental focus.
    • Soothes sore muscles from sports.
    • Prevents sports injuries.
    • Promotes healthy body image.
  • Clients' Corner Clients' Corner Education and Research for you.
  • More Massage, Better You Massage=Happier You
    • Sleep better
    • Move faster
    • Think clearer
    • Play easier
    • Smile more
    • Feel Healthy
    • Be Strong


Meet Giselle

Since 1987 I have been practicing the art and service of massage therapyGiselle Toran with clients of all ages and various muscular conditions and complaints. I bring to each session a blend of therapeutic massage styles, as well as my intuitive touch and creativity to assist your body & mind to feel rejuvenated. My intention is aimed at helping you feel better right away by 1st targeting and focusing on the specific muscular condition/s while mixing in relaxation massage and/or stretching. I am an independent practitioner subletting a professional space within a chiropractor’s office. If you seek and are proactive in taking care of your health on a regular basis, I am the massage therapist for you. Massage benefits are maximized and long lasting when you take care of yourself and receive massages on a consistent schedule. I look forward to helping you with your health & wellness. Let’s get started today!

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